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Forgetful Makeup Day

As mentioned in previous post, I get in very early for work just to avoid the traffic jam during peak hour (7.00-9.30 am). Today I got in earlier than usual and have plenty of time on my hands to do my makeup. Plenty of time is a good thing right? But no… it has to be the day that my mind wander off to faraway kingdom and before I realised it, I have missed some steps. It’s only when I checked the final makeup look that I felt something was not looking right.

Here’s why.

(1) Eye-liner
Yeah how can one forget the eye-liner?? I did. 😮 Although I had some shadows on, my eyes still looked naked without it.

(2) Setting Powder
Well it’s not such a big deal if I forgot it since I am using powder foundation anyway. But still, it’s good to have it to absorb some oil.

(3) Eye-brows
This is the final step I have totally forgotten. My brows are not sparse nor they are very dark. But the thing is I wear a black rimmed glasses so with glasses on, they completely fade away again giving that naked eyes look.

Well here you go. Forgetful morning, worst of all forgetful of the 2 most important things (liner and brow) in my makeup.

I guess being a working mum really isn’t easy… Keep fighting and striving! Now I leave you with my song of the day: Fly by Nikki Minaj ft. Rihanna.

Love Rihanna’s part:

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive

I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly


Forgot your makeup brush(es)? Sorted! ;)

I normally carry 2 medium sized bags cosmetic pouches to work: one for makeups I am currently experimenting, and one for brushes. I don’t like mixing brushes with makeup items. They are too fragile. Now why would I lug around these 2 pouches rather than leaving them at home then? Well, here’s why.

Living in the world-famous traffic jam city of Bangkok, it is really no surprise that many women do their faces in the car. I have seen a lady sweeping on her mascaras while driving. I kid you NOT. I was checking her out from the rear view mirror all the time. :p I have also seen a Thai lady doing her whole face, including lining her eyes, while the airplane was experiencing violent turbulence, while I watched in amazement and prayed not for my safety, but for her own that she didn’t poke her own eyes with the darn eyeliner pencil! And with some miracles or her super kungfu skills, she did not. Phew!

Office is another place a woman puts on her makeup, naturally, because one has to beat the traffic jam here. I fall into this category. I’d rather get up earlier, drag my arse off to work before most people leave their homes so that the traffic is more tolerable. Save time, save petrol and good for my car too. 🙂 Win, win, win!

Anyway, where was I? 🙂 Yes, speaking of what I normally carry to work. Today is one of those days that I am extra forgetful… left home in a hurry hoping to save even more petrol and time, I have forgotten to take the brushes pouch along!! When I arrived at the office, all I could do was analyze what I had with me to make the best use of. And… luckily I still have my fingers! LOL 😛

Here’s what I did.

Powder foundation
Normal: Kabuki brush                                  Today: Flat sponge that came with it

Loose powder
Normal: Fluffy powder brush                        Today: none because I don’t have the darn brush! Ugh!

Eye Shadows    
Normal: Shadow brushes                             Today: fingers and sponge tip of eyeliner pencil to smudge

Blush & highlight
Normal: Blush brush & shadow brush            Today: fingers 

Eye brows
Normal: Brow pencil with brush                    Today: brow pencil with brush 

With fingers, the only down point is that I have to wipe them clean before moving on to next step. A bit of a hassle. Now I wonder, how can one apply loose / compact powder with fingers? Can it be done and still look beautiful? I think I’ll have to do some research on this.

More later!

2 Blockbuster Movies Shot in Istanbul – coincidence?

In the past few days I have had the opportunity to watch 2 movies: Taken 2 and James Bond: Skyfall. Love both Liam Neeson and Daniel Craig (drool~~~~). Some says they are old, but ahem! Moi happen to like older men… hahahahaha

Taken 2 (October 2012)

James Bond: Skyfall (October 2012)

I couldn’t help but notice that both movies have scenes on the rooftops of Istanbul’s residences. In Taken 2, there was 2 men chasing a girl, and in Skyfall (which Bond did it better) there are motorcycle chase. Apart from that, car chases through the spice / fabric markets are also seen in both movies. In James Bond, there were oranges and people flying everywhere (of course. Or else it’s not a Bond movie is it?? :P).

Now that gets me really interested in this city as I have never been there before. Google search images of some pictures below:


Romantic shot of the Mosque and bridge

I love the idea of walking paths on the rooftops. It’s always refreshing standing at a high point looking down on the world around you.

Have you been to Istanbul before? Any travelling tips for Turkey? 🙂

Successful Menu with Kids #1: Stir-fried Mini Bows Pasta with Vegetables

If you are wondering if you are reading this right, yes you are. This blog is not only about cosmetics, it’s also about all things related to being a woman, a daughter and a mummy. 🙂

Often times I struggle with what to put on the table for the next meal. Most of the time I take a look at the fridge content and see what I can come up with on the spot. And as you can imagine, experimenting on kids may not be such a good idea… sometimes they refuse to eat after having the first spoon… arrrggh!

But today I had a hit with my pasta dish! 😀 I didn’t have the photo, unfortunately. It’s just selection of 2 vegetables stir fried with mini bows pasta and ketchup (and a few drops of soy sauce). 

I think it’s a good idea to write down possible menu success with the kids, so on those days that I am absolutely blank I can consult my recorded success menus. 😀 

What’s your masterpiece of all time? Even if it’s for your own tummy… haha! Care to share?

Collection 2000 is here in the Siam Land!

If you have ever watched Pixiwoo sisters or Gossmakeupartist’s YouTube tutorials, you will be familiar with the pharmacy brand Collection 2000 (now known as Collection).

I was in Boots yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find a small shelve stuffed with goodies from Collection 2000. But when I looked at the price… not so pleasantly surprised anymore. You see, the glitter eyeliner, one of the recommended product from this brand, is selling for around THB 240. But in Boots UK (or Superdrug), it’s only 2 pounds which is equivalent to THB 80. The pricing here is 3 times higher.

Will I buy it? Yes if I don’t have access to Collection directly from the UK, because the pricing range is comparable with L’Oreal, Maybelline and Revlon. But fortunately (or unfortunately as I will be parting with my monies :p) I have access to Collection through a friend in the UK. 🙂 🙂 Been eyeing the glitter eyeliners for awhile now, so I hope they are really worth spending money on.

Till then, why not take a look at the company’s website and perhaps you will find hidden treasures? 😀

Have you used the glitter liner from Collection before? What’s your favourite product?