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Easter Bunny Beauty Swop with Tara from Beauty By Tara

Awhile ago, I posted about the Easter bunny swop that Angel was organising. She paired me up with a lovely blogger from USA, Tara.

Due to personal matters that I could not post the parcel out earlier, Tara and I have both delayed our shipment until I returned to normal daily routine. And 2 days ago I have received a HUGE box from Tara!!

Pictures speak louder than words. So here are some sneak preview of the goodie box! 🙂


Tadah! The box from Tara (Beauty by Tara)

Tadah! The box from Tara (Beauty by Tara)

Upon opening the box which had been very securely wrapped and sealed, individually gift-wrapped products are found among sparkly strips of paper (sorry I don’t know how you call those? Confetti?), a bit like Easter egg hunt, me think! hahaha

Easter egg hunt within the box! :D

Easter egg hunt within the box! 😀

Tara has written me a card! I almost cried because we wouldn’t have crossed each other’s path among the sea of beauty bloggers but I am glad we did! She’s a star, and given this is my very first swop with a totally unknown person, I was a little afraid at first about how it would go, but I was excited nevertheless. Tara is communicative, friendly, understanding (of the reason for delay in sending out my box), relax, and extremely generous (look at how many things are inside that box!). She’s a beautiful person, inside and out, so pop by to her site to have a look ok? 🙂

First thing I opened was the lovely card. I am so touched. Thanks so much Tara. I am very happy to have made a new friend like you too! :)

First thing I opened was the lovely card. I am so touched. Thanks so much Tara. I am very happy to have made a new friend like you too! 🙂

And lastly, two cute Easter candies are included in the box. Awwww… how sweet (I mean Tara, not the candy as I haven’t eaten them yet. Saving them for Easter day… hehe) is that?

Cute Easter candies! :D

Cute Easter candies! 😀

I will do a series of review. I haven’t opened all the products in the goodie box yet, as I am savouring the surprise of opening them one by one. 🙂

Till then, Happy Easter everyone! ❤


Forgetful Makeup Day #2: Setting Powder

Hello lovelies. It seems to me I am getting more and MORE forgetful even with the things I do (i.e. makeup) everyday!

Anyway, today I forgot to bring the translucent setting powder to work. I have just returned from a holiday from the beach, and while on holiday I decided not to pack my translucent powder along. I wasn’t going to wear loads of makeup at the beach anyway. However, I did bring my Guerlain Météorites Perles in Teint Rosé and a small setting brush from Real Techniques.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles and RT Setting Brush

Guerlain Meteorites Perles and RT Setting Brush

It’s a small travel size tub I got from the airport, perfect for packing light. You can see that the green balls break down much quicker than the others.

While on holiday, I had my SPF on and I used some meteorites perles on the T-zone. What it did was to reduce a bit of shine but it’s not good at absorbing oils… which you tend to get while under the humid weather and sun in this Siam-land. So after about two hours I had an oily face and looked like my makeup had melted. Note to self: better pack along industry-strength powder that absorbs oil on the next beach holiday!!

Anyway, ok. Since I just got back yesterday I managed to resume most products back to my makeup pouch. I said most… because I had forgotten the setting powder!! Quick look at what I had on hand, fortunately I have the small little setting powder from Bobbi Brown creamy concealer which I hardly use because it’s a disaster every time I open the little tab at the bottom. Lightly dust some over T-zone et voila!

Babbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Sand

Babbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Sand

So that’s what I used for emergency today. Not too bad.

Now I have a question. Since these setting powders are usually finely milled, do they cause health hazard if you breath in on a daily basis? hmm…

Easter Bunny Beauty Swop (Thanks to Angel Diamante for organising! x)

Hello! It’s been a long while since my last post. And last month I came across Angel Diamante’s blog. She’s a chic blogger from the Philippines, her blog is cute and fun! Check out Angel’s blog at

OK. I stumbled upon her blog and discovered that she is organising an international swop for bloogers. So of course I have to join the fun! 😀 The original post calling for participation is here:

Angel Diamante blog post

And a few days ago, Angel paired me up with Tara B from, my swop buddy. 🙂 Tara’s blog is full of useful information, especially on product reviews and EOTD looks.

Beauty by Tara B

I must say I am pretty excited about this, and feeling rather embarrassed myself for not posting frequently enough… oh well, I’m a mother so that’s my excuse. haha

When the swop has taken place sometime towards the middle of this month, I will write up about it again. 😀

Till then, let’s get shopping for Tara! 😀