Depotting Blushers – A Beginner’s Approach & Mini Review with swatch!

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am no affiliated with any companies.**

I have some blushers with broken containers. You know how those things get broken easily by accidentally dropping on the floor… Anyway, one night I was thinking about putting them in a metal box with magnets (yes I bought them too). So I set about pulling out the darn pan from the container but it got bent and the blusher shattered.

Of course I experimented with pharmacy blusher first so no heartache nor tears resulted. Looking at the broken pan (and tawny powder everywhere), I changed my mind to depotting them instead.

Kate from Drivol About Frivol did an excellent post on depotting loose eyeshadows here. I didn’t have glycerin and I really don’t want to add anything else to the blusher. I’m still a beginner you know. :p So I searched around my house for something I could use and here’s what I gathered:

  1. Alcohol to disinfect
  2. Pressing medium (diameter just fit the plastic container for deporting product).
  3. A plastic spatula
  4. Plastic containers, stackable with lid
  5. Small kitchen knife 
Alcohol, pressing medium, containers, tissue and spatula

Alcohol, pressing medium, containers, tissue,  spatula (hidden behind alcohol bottle) and one pressed blusher

Step 1: Disinfect all tools & container with alcohol

Wipe down everything with cotton wool dipped with alcohol.

Step 2: Transfer product to bowl & smash it up

Smash it up… reminds me of Offspring’s song. 🙂

Use the knife, transfer product to a larger container. It will look like this:


Using the plastic spatula (or spoon), chop up the big chunks like this until you get more or less powder form:


Step 3: Transfer smashed product to container & press

This is when the diameter of the pressing medium is important. You should try to find one that is ever slightly smaller than the container you want to use for storing your transferred blusher. Here I use a metal tube from multi-vitamin efferverscent tablets as the pressing medium. Remember to disinfect the tube!

Press down on the powder a few times until it’s become compact.

Press press press...

Press press press…

Voila! DIY Blushers compacts. 🙂

Depotted, compacted blushers that is stackable

Depotted, compacted blushers that is stackable


Compact containers compared with a standard sized curler

Will I depot again? Yes!! 🙂

In this little project, I have re-discovered the joy of using the True Match Blusher in 02 Rosy Cheeks. This is one of my “early” blushers when I started playing with cosmetics. The surface of the blush became weird (like hard) after some use. I think it’s because of the oil from brush transferred there.

Anyway, after smashing and compacting it, the brush picks up the pigment beautifully. As this is a strong colour, I have to use a light hand. It has golden sparkle inside the orangy red blusher, very pretty indeed. You can see the fine sparkly bits in the broken pieces below.


L’ Oreal True Match in 02 Rosy Cheeks in original pan

Swatch of Rosy Cheeks below:

Swatch of Rosy Cheeks. Left: Heavy swipe. Right: Blended out.

Left: Heavy swipe. Right: Blended out.

Although the colour looks quite scary strong in the pan, once you apply and blended it out, it’s a pretty flush of colour on the cheeks. It certainly looks good on fair skinned ladies. On darker skinned girls, I think the sparkly bits bring out the skin colour so I would say it’s good for all.

Since I have purchased this blusher years ago, I don’t know if it’s still available. But there are loads of others out there so you can always find a similar one. 🙂


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