Thai Dessert: Coconut Milk Ice Cream to survive the summer heat

With the soaring temperature of above 38 degrees Celcius (or 100.4 Fahrenheit if you prefer) currently here in Thailand, a cold light creamy coconut ice cream is always welcomed.

The ice cream, as you can see from picture below, is called Ai Tim Kra-teed. Ai Tim is thai equivalent of “ice cream” and kra-teed is of course, coconut milk. This ice cream is available commonly beside the street, from low-cost ones to high-so ones in 5-star restaurant.

The one I have here is bought from the vendor nearby my office and I like to have this dessert after a meal of spicy rice/noodles. You can choose the basic waffle cone, or in a little plastic tub, or like mine below, in a coconut bowl with REAL coconut flesh…. yummyyyyy!

Ai Tim Kra-Teed (Coconut Milk Ice Cream)

Ai Tim Kra-Teed (Coconut Milk Ice Cream), THB 25 (or USD $0.80)

Typically, there are sweet corns, jack fruits (a kind of tropical fruit) or green jelly (called lord-chong) within the ice cream. Before piling on scoops of ice creams (and mind you the scoops are much smaller compared to western version), you can choose sticky rice or palm seed, or both. Then the vendor proceeds to pile on scoops after scoops of the ice cream from a big metal tub. After this, some evaporated milk is drizzled on followed by sprinkle of roasted peanuts or mung beans, or both.

I try to reduce fat intake so I usually skip the evaporated milk (yeah who am I kidding?). I love me lots of peanuts as they go well with the cold ice cream.

In high-so hotel/restaurant version, you get more toppings such as boiled sweet corn kernels, fresh jack fruit, palm seeds and lord-chong. But the idea is the same:

Base (sticky rice, palm seeds) + ice cream + evaporated milk + toppings. 🙂

A simple dessert like this makes me temporarily forget the scorching heat. After that, it’s back to air-conditioned office room and spend the rest of the afternoon day-dreaming. :p

Happy day-dreaming to me, and if you too, have a good day dream. 😀


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2 thoughts on “Thai Dessert: Coconut Milk Ice Cream to survive the summer heat

  1. Victoria 16/03/2014 at 11:20 AM Reply

    Where can I find this Thai Coconut Milk Ice Cream in America?? I’ve been searching everywhere, I had this ice cream in Texas long ago but can’t find it anywhere, please tell me where I can buy these? thanks!!

    • chicmum 18/03/2014 at 10:12 AM Reply

      Hello! I am sorry, I have no idea!!! I am glad that you like it too. Have you checked with any Thai restaurants in your area?

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