Thai Scrambled Eggs

The Thais are particular about their scrambled egg. It has to be fluffy and flavourful. The first time I learnt about cooking a “proper” scrambled egg was from my Thai boyfriend (now husband). 🙂 I thought, well who couldn’t make a scrambled egg? It’s dead easy! Well, turned out that I couldn’t. At least not the Thai way… :p

As with every scrambled egg recipe around the world, this is an deceivingly easy dish but full of secrets.

What you need: eggs, Thai fish sauce, cooking oil and a small wedge of lime.

If you have spring onions or coriander you can chop some and put them into egg mixture..


Lime?? Yes, lime. It sorts of make the eggs take a fresher taste. And it dilutes the egg mixture a little for more fluffy scrambled egg, I think.

Now the secrets:

(1) Put a few glugs of fish sauce into bowl with eggs, squeeze in lime juice and beat the eggs until you get bubbles (see picture above). The egg white and yolk should be TOTALLY mixed up.

(2) Heat a wok up with cooking oil. The oil needs to be smoking hot. This will make your hair, floor etc greasy. But oh well… :p

(3) Pour in egg mixture. If the oil is properly hot, the sides of the egg mixture will fluff up. That’s when you know you’ve got it right.

Cook as you would normally cook a scrambled egg until both sides are slightly brown.


Serve immediately with sliced cucumber and freshly cooked boiled jasmine rice.



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