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Olive Green EOTD

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any companies.**

I often match my eye makeup with my outfit because it makes me try the different eyeshadow shades I have.

Recently I did a post on one such occasion here, when I wore a blue-grey-black dress a while ago.

Today I had on me an olive green (or sage) dress and I thought I could experiment with the baked eyeshadow trio  from MUA. These little trio palettes are really really good, and I absolutely recommend it. The colour payoff is crazy!!! I prefer to use finger to pick up the pigment and dab on eyelids, instead of using a brush as it may pick up too much product.

Here’s the dress colour.

Olive green dress

Olive green dress

Here’s the EOTD.

EOTD with olive green & brown shadows

EOTD with olive green & brown shadows

Eyes open

Eye open 🙂

Following are products used (didn’t realize so many products were used, and brushes were not even included…!). I won’t really describe how I do each step as I meant to keep this post short. 🙂

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