Thai Scrambled Eggs

The Thais are particular about their scrambled egg. It has to be fluffy and flavourful. The first time I learnt about cooking a “proper” scrambled egg was from my Thai boyfriend (now husband). 🙂 I thought, well who couldn’t make a scrambled egg? It’s dead easy! Well, turned out that I couldn’t. At least not the Thai way… :p

As with every scrambled egg recipe around the world, this is an deceivingly easy dish but full of secrets.

What you need: eggs, Thai fish sauce, cooking oil and a small wedge of lime.

If you have spring onions or coriander you can chop some and put them into egg mixture..


Lime?? Yes, lime. It sorts of make the eggs take a fresher taste. And it dilutes the egg mixture a little for more fluffy scrambled egg, I think.

Now the secrets:

(1) Put a few glugs of fish sauce into bowl with eggs, squeeze in lime juice and beat the eggs until you get bubbles (see picture above). The egg white and yolk should be TOTALLY mixed up.

(2) Heat a wok up with cooking oil. The oil needs to be smoking hot. This will make your hair, floor etc greasy. But oh well… :p

(3) Pour in egg mixture. If the oil is properly hot, the sides of the egg mixture will fluff up. That’s when you know you’ve got it right.

Cook as you would normally cook a scrambled egg until both sides are slightly brown.


Serve immediately with sliced cucumber and freshly cooked boiled jasmine rice.



Thai Dessert: Coconut Milk Ice Cream to survive the summer heat

With the soaring temperature of above 38 degrees Celcius (or 100.4 Fahrenheit if you prefer) currently here in Thailand, a cold light creamy coconut ice cream is always welcomed.

The ice cream, as you can see from picture below, is called Ai Tim Kra-teed. Ai Tim is thai equivalent of “ice cream” and kra-teed is of course, coconut milk. This ice cream is available commonly beside the street, from low-cost ones to high-so ones in 5-star restaurant.

The one I have here is bought from the vendor nearby my office and I like to have this dessert after a meal of spicy rice/noodles. You can choose the basic waffle cone, or in a little plastic tub, or like mine below, in a coconut bowl with REAL coconut flesh…. yummyyyyy!

Ai Tim Kra-Teed (Coconut Milk Ice Cream)

Ai Tim Kra-Teed (Coconut Milk Ice Cream), THB 25 (or USD $0.80)

Typically, there are sweet corns, jack fruits (a kind of tropical fruit) or green jelly (called lord-chong) within the ice cream. Before piling on scoops of ice creams (and mind you the scoops are much smaller compared to western version), you can choose sticky rice or palm seed, or both. Then the vendor proceeds to pile on scoops after scoops of the ice cream from a big metal tub. After this, some evaporated milk is drizzled on followed by sprinkle of roasted peanuts or mung beans, or both.

I try to reduce fat intake so I usually skip the evaporated milk (yeah who am I kidding?). I love me lots of peanuts as they go well with the cold ice cream.

In high-so hotel/restaurant version, you get more toppings such as boiled sweet corn kernels, fresh jack fruit, palm seeds and lord-chong. But the idea is the same:

Base (sticky rice, palm seeds) + ice cream + evaporated milk + toppings. 🙂

A simple dessert like this makes me temporarily forget the scorching heat. After that, it’s back to air-conditioned office room and spend the rest of the afternoon day-dreaming. :p

Happy day-dreaming to me, and if you too, have a good day dream. 😀

Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick, 205 Atomic Nucléaire

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any companies.**

This year every cosmetic brands are crazy about eye shadows in crayon sticks. While I am a fan of eyeshadow palettes, the sticks are not bad in terms of travel-friendly (yes yes, I always think about travelling!) and saving space. The pigments offered are usually good too.

Recently I bought the Smoky Shadow Stick at the airport because they are not available in local pharmacies. There are two colours in each of the Shadow Sticks, one light shade and a darker shade. As with the Smoky Sexy palette, the instruction comes with the packaging but I have already ripped and discarded it (couldn’t wait, could I? :p).


Size compared to standard eyelash curler.

Size compared to standard eyelash curler.

The rose gold shade on one end

The rose gold shade on one end (note the rounded tip)

The dark olive green shade (note the pointy tip) on the other end

The dark olive green shade (note the pointy tip) on the other end

Revlon Colostay Smoky Shadow Stick (205 Atomic Nucleaire) watches

Revlon Colostay Smoky Shadow Stick (205 Atomic Nucleaire) watches

I find that applying the light shade directly on eyelids result in uneven application. Not sure if it’s because I always wear lid primer… Best result is achieved when I rub some eyeshadow on finger tip and pat it on eyelids. The colour is so easy to wear. I would wear it on casual days when I am at home, or on my previous holidays. Then line the eyes (no extreme cat flick!) and the eyes are pretty much done! 🙂

The dark shade has golden glitter, and it swatches BEAUTIFULLY on my arm. However, it looks baaah on my eyelids. I haven’t had any success yet with it, even use alone as eyeliner. I will experiment with layering over black eyeliner some time soon.


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 : Travel friendly, compact, versatile

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 : The stick came off the body!! (I think this is a common problem as I have seen it reported in other blogs too.)


Revlon CustomEyes Eyeshadow Palette, 035 Smoky Sexy (Blue-Grey) with Elf Hypershine Gloss in Joyful

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any companies.**

Today I took out the blue-grey Revlon CustomEyes palette again, as my outfit today is pretty much in the similar tone to the Smoky Sexy palette.

Part of my outfit today

Part of my outfit today

Revlon CustomEyes Smoky Sexy Eyeshadow Palette

Revlon CustomEyes Smoky Sexy Eyeshadow Palette

There’s a neat graphical instruction at the back of the palette that shows you how to use these 5 colours.

Instruction time!

Instruction time!

Since I am a very obedient person :p I decided to do just that. Oh wait… I left out the 5th colour which is the darkest shade as I preferred to use gel eyeliner instead. Here’s what I ended up with:



I’m not very good with the lighting and all, nor am I good with my makeup skill. But I am adventurous in my journey. Sounds very cheesy eh? The actual eyes are much darker than this… With the help of some unnatural lighting… here’s how it looked like:

with some office fluorescent light...

with some office fluorescent light… 😦

Let’s move to the swatches then, shall we?


Swatches of Sexy Smoky (done by fingers)

My fourite shades in this palette is the 2nd (midnight blue) and 4th (gunmetal grey) one from left. The white in the middle acts as a reasonable highlight. The darkest shade on the right is good for lining the eyes for a soft look.

This palette is good for travel as you can easily do a day look just using the lighter colour and the darkest colour as eyeliner, or smoky look for night. And it definitely matches well if you plan to wear jeans during travel. :p

I used MAC 217 to apply all colours, and the brush picks up the colours quite well. It doesn’t say whether you can use this wet, but hey, there’s no harm trying. I don’t like using my eyeshadows wet so I won’t be bothered to experiment. 🙂

Overall, this is a useful little palette. It’s small (again see picture below compared to a standard eyelash curler) and light, comes with a sponge tip applicator which isn’t too bad at all when you don’t want to take any brushes with you on holiday.

Size of Sexy Smoky Palette

Size of Sexy Smoky Palette

And since it’s a rather strong eye for work, I paired with a nude-ish lip with the elf lipgloss that was inside the recent Easter goodie bag. The shade is Joyful, and it’s a very pretty nude with just the slightest hint of colour. It smells fruity and taste a little sweet, a bit like sweet orange.

Elf Ultrashine Gloss in Joyful

Elf Ultrashine Gloss in Joyful

Swatch of Joyful

Swatch of Joyful

That’s all for now. Tata!

chicmum xxx

What’s in my Easter Bunny Goodie Box #2

A while ago, I told you about participating in a Easter Bunny beauty swop with Tara here.

Tara has sent so many goodies to me, I am flabbergasted with surprise after surprise! The first part of the goodie box is posted here.

This is the second and last part of the Easter swop, with pictures to follow.

Items featured:

Left to right: Mascara, eyeliner, baked eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipglosses, FOUR eyeshadow palettes!!

Left to right: Mascara, eyeliner, baked eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipglosses, FOUR eyeshadow palettes!!

But wait! There’s one more! 🙂


Powder blusher by Jordana

I have mentioned to Tara that I am an eyeshadow kind of girl, and she has very kindly sent FOUR eyeshadow palettes and one single eyeshadow to me. 😮

I have always heard of elf and Wet ‘n’ Wild coloricon palettes but couldn’t get them locally. So seeing them in the box definitely made me squeal with delight! And Tara has also asked if I have ever tried anything from Jordana before, which I haven’t. The blusher looks lovely lovely lovely!!

I can’t wait to try them all, but I have only 1 face… hmm… what to do? :p

Until next time, hope you survive the summer heat (if you are in the SEA…) 🙂

Shu xxx

Depotting Blushers – A Beginner’s Approach & Mini Review with swatch!

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am no affiliated with any companies.**

I have some blushers with broken containers. You know how those things get broken easily by accidentally dropping on the floor… Anyway, one night I was thinking about putting them in a metal box with magnets (yes I bought them too). So I set about pulling out the darn pan from the container but it got bent and the blusher shattered.

Of course I experimented with pharmacy blusher first so no heartache nor tears resulted. Looking at the broken pan (and tawny powder everywhere), I changed my mind to depotting them instead.

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Estée Lauder ANR Dupe?

Awhile ago I walked passed this poster and I had to take a quick shot. At first glance it look awfully similar with the original ANR. The bottle design, logo and everything.

But at closer look, I laughed because they didn’t go a very good job of making a duplicate of the ANR.

Let pictures speak for themselves. 🙂

The Original

Original: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum

The Wannabe

Counterfeit: Hi-So Serum

Counterfeit: Hi-So Serum

I don’t understand the Thai writings in the poster, but hey, they claim to be the “No. 1 Top Sale”. 😛