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My night time routine is an oily business!

Happy Monday!!

I want to write about a post about oils today. But this post is not about cooking oils. It will bore you to death, I suppose. It’s definitely not about a magic oil that can do all 3 functions (well except for extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil that is…) hahaha

You see, I “suddenly” realized, as I was going through my night skin care routine last night that it’s a very oily business. :p Presently, I am using Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil for cleansing (I’m doing the double-cleanse method), Body Shop Passion Fruit Dry Oil Mist for body moisturising and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate for night time serum.

If you are interested to know, my night time routine for face consist of:

cleansing oil -> facial cleanser -> toner -> serum -> night moisturiser -> sleep pack (sometimes)

Mini reviews of each of the 3 oils I mentioned above:

(1) Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

I used the emulsifying technique -> start with DRY hands and DRY face, pump 2 pumps of oil out, rub together and spread on face. Gently massage face to remove dirt or makeup. Add a few drops of water to palm, rub together again. This time the transparent oil will emulsify to whitish oil. Rub palms together and massage face. Continue with another few drops of water and massage. Wash off with water. I then use the normal facial cleanser to clean every last bit of dirt/makeup.

Skin Reaction: None
Ease of use: Very easy
Price: Below 500 baht (sorry I don’t remember). One bottle generally lasts about 3 months or more
Re-Purchase: Yes, definitely

(2) Body Shop Passion Fruit Dry Oil Mist

Body Shop Passion Fruit Dry Oil Mist

Body Shop Passion Fruit Dry Oil Mist

At time of writing, this product has been discontinued. The packaging is the old one which is what I have. Body shop has other body oils that are similar to this one with new packaging.

I find the nozzle bit a little pain in the backside. Because after a few spray, your hands get oily and really could not hold on to the nozzle that well… what I do is just unscrew the bottle and pour out the oil directly onto palm. But this defeats the purpose of the “dry oil mist”… is it? Nevermind.

After shower, pat dry body, pour out small amount of oil onto palm. Rub palm together and spread over your body. It absorbs quickly and I don’t find it transfer to my nighties much… even if it does I don’t mind smelling like a passion fruit all night long. 🙂

It moisturises my skin quite well, but in a light weight formula. If you want richer cream then look away now (or until you finish reading this post… hahaha).

Skin Reaction: None
Ease of use: Forget the nozzle
Price: Below 800 baht (sorry I don’t remember). Long shelf life (bottle states 36 months)
Re-Purchase: Yes, in other smells

(3) Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I had this since October last year and I have been using EVERY night since. The bottle is still looking quite full so I think it’s going to last me another 2-3 months at least. I used 2 drops as per instructions.

Although this is a concentrate or serum, if you prefer, it does contains evening primrose oil and lavender essential oil. There are lots of good reviews about this product in the blogs (which is why I got it in the first place), so I will just very briefly tell you what I think of it.

Skin Reaction: None
Ease of use: Very easy. Love the dropper mechanism
Price: Got it from airport so it was duty free!
Longevity: One bottle generally lasts more than 3 months
 Yes, definitely. But I am going to try Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum next (competitor of Kiehl’s recovery serum).

Which oils do you use and love? I’d like to hear from you to expand my adventure into body oils. 🙂