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Tips: Drying your makeup brushes using bottle and rubber bands (yes you heard right!)

According to my limited knowledge, there are a few ways you can dry your brushes: using a sticky tape, lying them on a flat surface or using brush guards. None of the above worked for me. Not saying that they won’t work for you as well. My conclusions are below:-
  1. Sticky tape
Don’t even go there. I used once and the darn glue stuck to my brush handles like they mean it!!
I had to spend countless hours trying to get rid of the residual glue to no avail. Also, it does not hold
well for large and heavy brushes. The sticky tapes is not reusable so this method is not
environmentally friendly, is it?
 2. Flat surface
     It sounds great, but I have electric fans around the house so they will probably have a rolling party
and eventually get lost on the floor somewhere!! 😦
 3. Brush Guards
Good method, holds the brush shape but… they are not available here. Boo!
I have a picture here showing you how the sticky tape method is done (use small sections of the tape and stick one end to your brush and the other end to a surface so you can “hang” them brushes). Took it from the book which made me want to write to the author and tell her that it was a disaster for me…
Using sticky tape to dry your brushes (so NOT recommended!)
Brush Guard Method
A few years ago I learnt from Michelle Phan that you should never dry your brushes by placing it upside down in a cup, as water will enter the brush handle and affect the glue the sticks the handle and hair together.

What she recommended was using brush guards which help the brushes “stand” in a cup. I think that using a cup will make drying longer unless you use a mesh cup. I could not be bothered getting these brush guards because they are not readily available here. Even if they are, the prices are probably going to be crazy marked up.

Assessing what I have on hand (and yes, my engineering background does help in this kind of things :)), I improvised the concept using bottle and rubber bands.

Chic Mum’s Method

Here’s how I do it:

(1) After washing your brushes, squeeze out excess water. Pat dry on kitchen towel if you must. I don’t do it.

(2) Use a rubber band, tie a few rounds on the brush and loop the rubber band near the top of the bottle. Make sure the brush does not touch the bottle surface. Note that the bottle needs to be heavy to it does not topple over due to the weight at the top. Glass bottle or filled bottle usually suffice.

(3) Continue Step 2 for other brushes, making sure they don’t touch each other or on the bottle.

(4) For bigger brush, I use 1 rubber band per brush. For smaller eyeshadow brushes etc, I tie them together to make a bunch. Makes life easier than doing it one by one.

(5) Leave brushes to dry overnight, or if you like, use electric fan to blow at them for quick drying.

Chic Mum's improvised method to dry brushes

Chic Mum’s improvised method to dry brushes

And you’re done. Clean, perfectly dried brushes ready to be dirtied again. 🙂

Please note, avoid using oil bottles or unclean bottle surface because you don’t really want any of those things end up on your brush (and face) later.

Hope you will find this tip useful. Enjoy drying your brushes! 🙂