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Makeup Forever Exiting Thailand!!

I have been wanting to try blogging for awhile now. It just happen today that I was in shock and sad to learn that MUFE is exiting Thailand… 😦

You see, after watching Gossmakeupartist’s tips in YouTube, I went to check if they stock the airbrush thinner. The counter’s display looked like there’s nothing much left. At first I thought they are renovating the counter but the guy told me that this brand is exiting… WHAT?? WHY? I guess from now on I will have to get MUFE stuff from elsewhere and pay the extra delivery charge then… sob sob…

Anyway, not with all bad news, since it was exiting, the things left are on sale: 20% and 40% depending on what product. So I got myself a few things to balance my shock… heeeheeeheee

Are you a MUFE fans?