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New Old Favourite #2: Pixi Lip & Line in Vintage Rose

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any companies.**

*The New Old Favourite series features products in my collection that I had forgotten, and am re-igniting my new love for them.*

I have an unexplained affinity for things that are practical, travel-friendly, and 2 or 3-in-1. Well almost all thing travel friendly squeeze these features into 1, don’t they? :p

While trying out cosmetics from Pixi, I bought the lip & line. Reason was that, I wasn’t too much into lip liner then, and given the limited lip liners in my possession, I thought a perfectly matched lip liner would be perfect and best of all, it’s both products in 1 single pen! Great! Into the shopping basket it went.

Pixi Lip & Line - Vintage Rose

Pixi Lip & Line – Vintage Rose

Pixi Lip & Line - Vintage Rose

Pixi Lip & Line – Vintage Rose

Pixi Lip & Line - Vintage Rose (lipstick)

Pixi Lip & Line – Vintage Rose (lipstick)

Pixi Lip & Line - Vintage Rose (lip liner)

Pixi Lip & Line – Vintage Rose (lip liner)

Left:    Lipstick Right: Liner

Left: Lipstick
Right: Lipliner

The Lip Liner

It is waxy and can be quite difficult to apply (drag on skin) if you have dry lips. Staying power is good and it’s matte.

The Lipstick

It is moisturising with lovely smell. Not the sickly sweet vanilla scent but something along jojoba oil. Lipstick is also matte.

On my lips, it looks like this:

Pixi Lip & Line - Vintage Rose

Pixi Lip & Line – Vintage Rose

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The colour is very pretty. I wore it for work (well there isn’t any dress code in my work place anyway) and it’s moisturising enough that I do not need another layer of lip balm over it. Packaging is sturdy. The caps will never ever fall out inside your makeup bag (a very good point to have) thus colouring your other preciousss in Vintage Rose. The pen & caps are made of hard thick plastic which is unlike drugstore lipsticks, say Revlon or MUA for example. I will definitely purchase more shades from Pixi as it is a lovely product and not over the top expensive.

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 It’s not available here… damn!!

Pair well with these…

Colours of outfit today (as close to actual as possible)

Colours of outfit today (as close to actual as possible)

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Bad to the Bronze

Maybelline Color Tattoo – Bad to the Bronze


What’s in my Easter Bunny Goodie Box #2

A while ago, I told you about participating in a Easter Bunny beauty swop with Tara here.

Tara has sent so many goodies to me, I am flabbergasted with surprise after surprise! The first part of the goodie box is posted here.

This is the second and last part of the Easter swop, with pictures to follow.

Items featured:

Left to right: Mascara, eyeliner, baked eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipglosses, FOUR eyeshadow palettes!!

Left to right: Mascara, eyeliner, baked eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipglosses, FOUR eyeshadow palettes!!

But wait! There’s one more! 🙂


Powder blusher by Jordana

I have mentioned to Tara that I am an eyeshadow kind of girl, and she has very kindly sent FOUR eyeshadow palettes and one single eyeshadow to me. 😮

I have always heard of elf and Wet ‘n’ Wild coloricon palettes but couldn’t get them locally. So seeing them in the box definitely made me squeal with delight! And Tara has also asked if I have ever tried anything from Jordana before, which I haven’t. The blusher looks lovely lovely lovely!!

I can’t wait to try them all, but I have only 1 face… hmm… what to do? :p

Until next time, hope you survive the summer heat (if you are in the SEA…) 🙂

Shu xxx

What’s in my Easter Bunny Goodie Box #1

A while ago, I told you about participating in a Easter Bunny beauty swop with Tara here.

Tara has been so generous in sending so many things that I want to unwrap everything quickly but at the same time, refraining from doing so because I want to do proper posts on them.

This is the first part of the swop, with pictures to follow.

Items featured:

1. Deadly cute coral pink, yellow and baby blue nail varnish from Sinful Colors Professional

These colours are just so cute!! First idea that came to my mind is the easter egg design. How apt. 🙂

Sinful Colors (note to self: must spell the US way…) are not available in Thailand currently.

I didn’t have time to wear these yet. But when I do I will write about it.

Easter Theme Nail Varnish

Easter Theme Nail Varnish

Soul Mate (Coral Pink), Unicorn (Yellow) and Sugar Rush (Baby Blue)

Soul Mate 945 (Coral Pink), Unicorn 953 (Yellow) and Sugar Rush 1169 (Baby Blue)


2. Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Honey

I’m already a big fan of Revlon’s Balm Stain. And this colour Honey is so versatile for everyday use! Love the peppermint taste. When I travel in the car for a long distance I like to use this Balm Stain because the peppermint smell helps with motion sickness for me.

Beautifully gift wrapped!

Beautifully gift wrapped!


Revlon Honey Lip Stain


2. Brush Guards (Surprise! Surprise!) Thanks so much again, Tara!

First time I posted about Brush Guards no available in Thailand here, Tara must have noticed the small complaint… and she has so kindly included a pack of them in the beauty swop box!! Prior to unwrapping it, I was trying to guess what it might be and I thought for a moment it must be some sort of eye shield or mask. When I saw what is inside I swore I could have run around the house jumping up and down like a little girl who got her first bicycle, announcing and showing to everyone “Brush Guards!! Brush Guards!!!!”. 🙂

Well, that happened in my imagination. I couldn’t do any of that because my house was awfully quiet as the children had gone to bed. But I was still as excited, mind you. 🙂 And my actual reaction at that time was: “OH MY GOD!!! Brush Guardssss!!!!”. Quickly, I went to fetch my brush pouch and slid the guards to my preciousssss…


This package had me wondering and guessing what was inside…

Brush Guards

Brush Guards: 1 Extra Small, 2 Small, 2 Medium and 1 Large


Brush Guards fitted perfectly with the RealTechniques & MAC Brushes

Tara really has great idea of gift wrapping. I appreciate it very much. Unwrapping every item is a surprise and joy. 🙂 I kept the grey bow for my car key, as I was looking for something to tie it so I don’t get confused with my husband’s car key, or the spare one. Here’s what I did:


That’s all for now. Until next time I shall report on more goodies from Tara’s box. 🙂

Shu xxx

Loving the Revlon Cherry Tart Lip Butter! <3

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. Well then, lipstick is a girl’s best pal. 🙂 haha

I have been experimenting with different lipstick shades this year. I am not quite a lipstick person before as I often forget to swipe on some colours on my lips after making up the rest of the face. It is only until recently I stumbled upon Paris B @ mywomenstuff that I have started loving the lipstick again!

Since this is an experiment on myself, I went a bit crazy with pharmacy brands. If I decided I didn’t like it, the lipsticks wouldn’t burn a hole in my purse. To start off, I had the lip butter from Revlon. I have never EVER thought of or been introduced to sheer lipstick colour and once I tried, I was instantly in love!

As mentioned above, I don’t usually wear lipstick. But the Lip Butter allows me to wear one everyday. The pretty sparkles make my lips more interesting. When I kiss my kids (and mind you, I do kiss them all the time) the sparkles are slightly transferred to their faces. hehehe

Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart 070

The Cherry Tart is a rather strong colour. Looks really red in the tube but once applied, it’s a very pretty reddish pink, or pinkish red whichever way you prefer. 🙂

Try it, and you will love it!