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Forgot your makeup brush(es)? Sorted! ;)

I normally carry 2 medium sized bags cosmetic pouches to work: one for makeups I am currently experimenting, and one for brushes. I don’t like mixing brushes with makeup items. They are too fragile. Now why would I lug around these 2 pouches rather than leaving them at home then? Well, here’s why.

Living in the world-famous traffic jam city of Bangkok, it is really no surprise that many women do their faces in the car. I have seen a lady sweeping on her mascaras while driving. I kid you NOT. I was checking her out from the rear view mirror all the time. :p I have also seen a Thai lady doing her whole face, including lining her eyes, while the airplane was experiencing violent turbulence, while I watched in amazement and prayed not for my safety, but for her own that she didn’t poke her own eyes with the darn eyeliner pencil! And with some miracles or her super kungfu skills, she did not. Phew!

Office is another place a woman puts on her makeup, naturally, because one has to beat the traffic jam here. I fall into this category. I’d rather get up earlier, drag my arse off to work before most people leave their homes so that the traffic is more tolerable. Save time, save petrol and good for my car too. 🙂 Win, win, win!

Anyway, where was I? 🙂 Yes, speaking of what I normally carry to work. Today is one of those days that I am extra forgetful… left home in a hurry hoping to save even more petrol and time, I have forgotten to take the brushes pouch along!! When I arrived at the office, all I could do was analyze what I had with me to make the best use of. And… luckily I still have my fingers! LOL 😛

Here’s what I did.

Powder foundation
Normal: Kabuki brush                                  Today: Flat sponge that came with it

Loose powder
Normal: Fluffy powder brush                        Today: none because I don’t have the darn brush! Ugh!

Eye Shadows    
Normal: Shadow brushes                             Today: fingers and sponge tip of eyeliner pencil to smudge

Blush & highlight
Normal: Blush brush & shadow brush            Today: fingers 

Eye brows
Normal: Brow pencil with brush                    Today: brow pencil with brush 

With fingers, the only down point is that I have to wipe them clean before moving on to next step. A bit of a hassle. Now I wonder, how can one apply loose / compact powder with fingers? Can it be done and still look beautiful? I think I’ll have to do some research on this.

More later!


Smooth as silk -> Revlon’s Luscious Lashliner

If you are familiar with Thai Airways, “Smooth as silk” is the tagline of this airline.

But we are not going to talk about airlines here. Maybe some other times.

I have here super smooth eyeliners from Revlon. Currently there are only 3 colours available in Boots Thailand. Here’s how it looks like and the swatches that follow.

Top to bottom:
004 Emerald
003 Graphite
001 Onyx

Top to Bottom:
Emerald (green with gold glitter)
Graphite (grey with silver glitter)
Onyx (matte black)

The texture is super creamy. You will have to be careful not putting too much pressure while applying because a chunk will break off. Light pressure is good enough for smooth application.

I love all 3 of them. If the tip is not sharp anymore and you are not able to sharpen it (which usually happens to me) then you can use a flat eyeliner brush to swipe the colour from the eyeliner pencil tip and apply onto lids. All very pretty colours.

I wore the Emerald liner the other day I had a dark green top on. And I used a L’Oreal Automatic Slim Liner to tightline upper lash. Maybe it was unnecessary but I felt “incomplete” without a black liner. HA HA HA! The eyeliner stayed all day (I also used primer under it because I have oily lids) and the glitter is as pretty as ever.

For the colour Graphite, you can wear on its own or smudge it all over lids to create a base for other eyeshadow colours. Using grey as a base softens the smoky eye look. If you are going for more dramatic smoky eyes, just smudge the Onyx on lids and top with an eyeshadow of your choice.

Because the Lashliner is so soft, it sort of melts on your skin (really. Try it and thou shalt see), they need to be sharpened more often than other eyeliner pencils. This is not really a bad point as I like to organise and keep my makeup ready for use when the children have gone to bed. It’s mind calming and let me look forward to the next day.

The other colour which is not yet available here is the dark brown called Espresso. I wish Revlon will launch more colour selections in the future as the Lashliners are such creamy formula and pretty shades. I will definitely be getting all of them! 🙂

Have you tried the Revlon Lashliner yet? 🙂

Chic Mum

Makeup Forever Exiting Thailand!!

I have been wanting to try blogging for awhile now. It just happen today that I was in shock and sad to learn that MUFE is exiting Thailand… 😦

You see, after watching Gossmakeupartist’s tips in YouTube, I went to check if they stock the airbrush thinner. The counter’s display looked like there’s nothing much left. At first I thought they are renovating the counter but the guy told me that this brand is exiting… WHAT?? WHY? I guess from now on I will have to get MUFE stuff from elsewhere and pay the extra delivery charge then… sob sob…

Anyway, not with all bad news, since it was exiting, the things left are on sale: 20% and 40% depending on what product. So I got myself a few things to balance my shock… heeeheeeheee

Are you a MUFE fans?