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Successful Menu with Kids #1: Stir-fried Mini Bows Pasta with Vegetables

If you are wondering if you are reading this right, yes you are. This blog is not only about cosmetics, it’s also about all things related to being a woman, a daughter and a mummy. 🙂

Often times I struggle with what to put on the table for the next meal. Most of the time I take a look at the fridge content and see what I can come up with on the spot. And as you can imagine, experimenting on kids may not be such a good idea… sometimes they refuse to eat after having the first spoon… arrrggh!

But today I had a hit with my pasta dish! 😀 I didn’t have the photo, unfortunately. It’s just selection of 2 vegetables stir fried with mini bows pasta and ketchup (and a few drops of soy sauce). 

I think it’s a good idea to write down possible menu success with the kids, so on those days that I am absolutely blank I can consult my recorded success menus. 😀 

What’s your masterpiece of all time? Even if it’s for your own tummy… haha! Care to share?