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Forgetful Makeup Day

As mentioned in previous post, I get in very early for work just to avoid the traffic jam during peak hour (7.00-9.30 am). Today I got in earlier than usual and have plenty of time on my hands to do my makeup. Plenty of time is a good thing right? But no… it has to be the day that my mind wander off to faraway kingdom and before I realised it, I have missed some steps. It’s only when I checked the final makeup look that I felt something was not looking right.

Here’s why.

(1) Eye-liner
Yeah how can one forget the eye-liner?? I did. 😮 Although I had some shadows on, my eyes still looked naked without it.

(2) Setting Powder
Well it’s not such a big deal if I forgot it since I am using powder foundation anyway. But still, it’s good to have it to absorb some oil.

(3) Eye-brows
This is the final step I have totally forgotten. My brows are not sparse nor they are very dark. But the thing is I wear a black rimmed glasses so with glasses on, they completely fade away again giving that naked eyes look.

Well here you go. Forgetful morning, worst of all forgetful of the 2 most important things (liner and brow) in my makeup.

I guess being a working mum really isn’t easy… Keep fighting and striving! Now I leave you with my song of the day: Fly by Nikki Minaj ft. Rihanna.

Love Rihanna’s part:

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive

I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly