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New Old Favourite #1: Rimmel Eyeshadow Duo in 321 Walnut Pearls

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any companies.**

*The New Old Favourite series features products in my collection that I had forgotten, and am re-igniting my new love for them.*

Just as I was swearing off not wearing anymore taupe colours on my lid for now, I am back to this neutral tone from Rimmel. 😀 Oh fickle minded woman, I am!

Fairy Tale Time!

Long long time ago in the land of makeup newbie, the eyeshadow already came in many colours and palettes and singles and loose powder and cream and texture etc… Not to mention EVERY cosmetic company offered a wide range of it!

It made the newbie frightfully intimidated by it. Approaching the eyeshadows had always been a difficult and confusing task. Such task always ended up with nothing (arrrghhh!! WHICH one to choose??) or snatching one up in haste in order to end the misery and only resulted in disappointment when playing with it at home.

Of course, in those long ago times, this newbie did not know how to apply it properly, nor had any knowledge of making it lasts on lids. There was no kind and clever YouTube beauty gurus teaching her how to do all that without attending expensive makeup classes. She also had sentimental reasons to hold on to the eyeshadows that she ever bought.

Fortunately, with these sentimental reasons, an old favourite was born (??). 🙂

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Olive Green EOTD

**The product(s) mentioned in this post is purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any companies.**

I often match my eye makeup with my outfit because it makes me try the different eyeshadow shades I have.

Recently I did a post on one such occasion here, when I wore a blue-grey-black dress a while ago.

Today I had on me an olive green (or sage) dress and I thought I could experiment with the baked eyeshadow trio  from MUA. These little trio palettes are really really good, and I absolutely recommend it. The colour payoff is crazy!!! I prefer to use finger to pick up the pigment and dab on eyelids, instead of using a brush as it may pick up too much product.

Here’s the dress colour.

Olive green dress

Olive green dress

Here’s the EOTD.

EOTD with olive green & brown shadows

EOTD with olive green & brown shadows

Eyes open

Eye open 🙂

Following are products used (didn’t realize so many products were used, and brushes were not even included…!). I won’t really describe how I do each step as I meant to keep this post short. 🙂

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