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What’s in my Easter Bunny Goodie Box #2

A while ago, I told you about participating in a Easter Bunny beauty swop with Tara here.

Tara has sent so many goodies to me, I am flabbergasted with surprise after surprise! The first part of the goodie box is posted here.

This is the second and last part of the Easter swop, with pictures to follow.

Items featured:

Left to right: Mascara, eyeliner, baked eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipglosses, FOUR eyeshadow palettes!!

Left to right: Mascara, eyeliner, baked eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipglosses, FOUR eyeshadow palettes!!

But wait! There’s one more! 🙂


Powder blusher by Jordana

I have mentioned to Tara that I am an eyeshadow kind of girl, and she has very kindly sent FOUR eyeshadow palettes and one single eyeshadow to me. 😮

I have always heard of elf and Wet ‘n’ Wild coloricon palettes but couldn’t get them locally. So seeing them in the box definitely made me squeal with delight! And Tara has also asked if I have ever tried anything from Jordana before, which I haven’t. The blusher looks lovely lovely lovely!!

I can’t wait to try them all, but I have only 1 face… hmm… what to do? :p

Until next time, hope you survive the summer heat (if you are in the SEA…) 🙂

Shu xxx


What’s in my Easter Bunny Goodie Box #1

A while ago, I told you about participating in a Easter Bunny beauty swop with Tara here.

Tara has been so generous in sending so many things that I want to unwrap everything quickly but at the same time, refraining from doing so because I want to do proper posts on them.

This is the first part of the swop, with pictures to follow.

Items featured:

1. Deadly cute coral pink, yellow and baby blue nail varnish from Sinful Colors Professional

These colours are just so cute!! First idea that came to my mind is the easter egg design. How apt. 🙂

Sinful Colors (note to self: must spell the US way…) are not available in Thailand currently.

I didn’t have time to wear these yet. But when I do I will write about it.

Easter Theme Nail Varnish

Easter Theme Nail Varnish

Soul Mate (Coral Pink), Unicorn (Yellow) and Sugar Rush (Baby Blue)

Soul Mate 945 (Coral Pink), Unicorn 953 (Yellow) and Sugar Rush 1169 (Baby Blue)


2. Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Honey

I’m already a big fan of Revlon’s Balm Stain. And this colour Honey is so versatile for everyday use! Love the peppermint taste. When I travel in the car for a long distance I like to use this Balm Stain because the peppermint smell helps with motion sickness for me.

Beautifully gift wrapped!

Beautifully gift wrapped!


Revlon Honey Lip Stain


2. Brush Guards (Surprise! Surprise!) Thanks so much again, Tara!

First time I posted about Brush Guards no available in Thailand here, Tara must have noticed the small complaint… and she has so kindly included a pack of them in the beauty swop box!! Prior to unwrapping it, I was trying to guess what it might be and I thought for a moment it must be some sort of eye shield or mask. When I saw what is inside I swore I could have run around the house jumping up and down like a little girl who got her first bicycle, announcing and showing to everyone “Brush Guards!! Brush Guards!!!!”. 🙂

Well, that happened in my imagination. I couldn’t do any of that because my house was awfully quiet as the children had gone to bed. But I was still as excited, mind you. 🙂 And my actual reaction at that time was: “OH MY GOD!!! Brush Guardssss!!!!”. Quickly, I went to fetch my brush pouch and slid the guards to my preciousssss…


This package had me wondering and guessing what was inside…

Brush Guards

Brush Guards: 1 Extra Small, 2 Small, 2 Medium and 1 Large


Brush Guards fitted perfectly with the RealTechniques & MAC Brushes

Tara really has great idea of gift wrapping. I appreciate it very much. Unwrapping every item is a surprise and joy. 🙂 I kept the grey bow for my car key, as I was looking for something to tie it so I don’t get confused with my husband’s car key, or the spare one. Here’s what I did:


That’s all for now. Until next time I shall report on more goodies from Tara’s box. 🙂

Shu xxx

Easter Bunny Beauty Swop with Tara from Beauty By Tara

Awhile ago, I posted about the Easter bunny swop that Angel was organising. She paired me up with a lovely blogger from USA, Tara.

Due to personal matters that I could not post the parcel out earlier, Tara and I have both delayed our shipment until I returned to normal daily routine. And 2 days ago I have received a HUGE box from Tara!!

Pictures speak louder than words. So here are some sneak preview of the goodie box! 🙂


Tadah! The box from Tara (Beauty by Tara)

Tadah! The box from Tara (Beauty by Tara)

Upon opening the box which had been very securely wrapped and sealed, individually gift-wrapped products are found among sparkly strips of paper (sorry I don’t know how you call those? Confetti?), a bit like Easter egg hunt, me think! hahaha

Easter egg hunt within the box! :D

Easter egg hunt within the box! 😀

Tara has written me a card! I almost cried because we wouldn’t have crossed each other’s path among the sea of beauty bloggers but I am glad we did! She’s a star, and given this is my very first swop with a totally unknown person, I was a little afraid at first about how it would go, but I was excited nevertheless. Tara is communicative, friendly, understanding (of the reason for delay in sending out my box), relax, and extremely generous (look at how many things are inside that box!). She’s a beautiful person, inside and out, so pop by to her site to have a look ok? 🙂

First thing I opened was the lovely card. I am so touched. Thanks so much Tara. I am very happy to have made a new friend like you too! :)

First thing I opened was the lovely card. I am so touched. Thanks so much Tara. I am very happy to have made a new friend like you too! 🙂

And lastly, two cute Easter candies are included in the box. Awwww… how sweet (I mean Tara, not the candy as I haven’t eaten them yet. Saving them for Easter day… hehe) is that?

Cute Easter candies! :D

Cute Easter candies! 😀

I will do a series of review. I haven’t opened all the products in the goodie box yet, as I am savouring the surprise of opening them one by one. 🙂

Till then, Happy Easter everyone! ❤

Easter Bunny Beauty Swop (Thanks to Angel Diamante for organising! x)

Hello! It’s been a long while since my last post. And last month I came across Angel Diamante’s blog. She’s a chic blogger from the Philippines, her blog is cute and fun! Check out Angel’s blog at http://angeldiamante.blogspot.com.

OK. I stumbled upon her blog and discovered that she is organising an international swop for bloogers. So of course I have to join the fun! 😀 The original post calling for participation is here:


Angel Diamante blog post

And a few days ago, Angel paired me up with Tara B from http://beautybytarab.blogspot.com, my swop buddy. 🙂 Tara’s blog is full of useful information, especially on product reviews and EOTD looks.

Beauty by Tara B

I must say I am pretty excited about this, and feeling rather embarrassed myself for not posting frequently enough… oh well, I’m a mother so that’s my excuse. haha

When the swop has taken place sometime towards the middle of this month, I will write up about it again. 😀

Till then, let’s get shopping for Tara! 😀