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Smart Phones and Soon… Smart Watches??

I subscribe to loads of blogs and newsletters with a mix of beauty and tech stuff. Sometimes I came across interesting headlines such as prediction of the next tech trend (read more here).

This morning, there is a post about Smart Watches gearing up momentum as the next generation gadgets. Smart watches with their own OS… wow! Who would have thought that?

I remember in the 80’s when a kid has a massive calculator watch it was enough to create envy and jealousy among peers. Calculator that you could take everywhere with you! How cool is that? It was massive (for a kid’s wrist), it had many buttons and you wouldn’t miss it even if you are half blind (good for showing off eh?).

Casio calculator wrist watch

Remember those geeky gadgets from sci-fi movies where you press a button on your wrist and speak directly into it? A bit like wrist walkie talkie? I am so glad that the creators of watch phones watched these sci-fi movies. 🙂 Watch phones have appeared for awhile now since 2009, but the mass doesn’t get hype up enough to generate a new trend.

Watch phone from LG

But wait no more. Very soon, this new gadget will appear which will change our lives for good. No more searching for your mobile phones because you can wear it on your wrist! You want your music with you all the time? Just play it from your watch! 🙂 Want to calculate how much tips to give at a restaurant? Just do it from your watch! Want to add an item to your shopping list? Your watch. The applications are endless as there are such a strong and healthy grow of app developers.

The only problem that remains… memory capacity, battery life and charging. Can we charge the Smart Watch while wearing it as I am a person who like to wear the watch 24/7. Yep. Even when I sleep.

So smart watches… I highly anticipate that.

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